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I can see the huge advantage of the new method in the fact that the cold light is really cold and that we only have the visible part of the light and we do not any unnecessary heat," says Professor Petr Arenberger, Head of the Dermatovenerology Clinic of the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital in Prague.


Light Patch can be wrapped under the dressing, it is bandage itself which shines and the wound does not need to be re-bind over and over again in the hospital.

Prof. Petr Arenberger


Cold Light


the Eyes and

the Skin

List of Clinical




Selection of clinical studies to the skin phototherapy principles as a background related to the functionality of cosmetic Lighting Patches:

Blue Light 414 mm (Akne Vulgaris)

Blue Light 475 mm (Bilirubinea) 

Yellow Light 530 -590 mm (Blood Acceleration)

13. Chen, Li & Xu, Zhongyi & Jiang, Min & Zhang, Cheng-Feng & Wang, Xuan & Xiang, Leihong. (2017). Light-emitting diode 585 nm photomodulation inhibiting melanin synthesis and inducing autophagy in human melanocytes. Journal of Dermatological Science. 

Green Light 500 -510 mm (Wound Healing)

Red Light 620 mm (Anti Aging)

19. Baker, Anna. (2016). Light-emitting diode red light therapy: evidence base for aesthetic indications. Journal of Aesthetic Nursing.

20. Calderhead, R Glen & B. Vasily, David. (2016). Low-Level Light Therapy with Light-Emitting Diodes for the Aging Face. Clinics in Plastic Surgery.

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Photothera Labs is research and development organisation based in Čelákovice, Czech Republic with a focus on development of phototherapeutical devices based on printed cold light.

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